Japan Digestive Disease Week 2019 [JDDW 2019 KOBE]

2019.11.21[THU.] - 24[SUN.] /Kobe Convention Center


Abstract Submission

Thank you very much. We closed the abstract submission.

Notification on the Abstract submission for JDDW 2019
*Please refer to the following notifications before your abstract submission.

1. Submission to lectures, theme session from the same affiliation

To encourage submission from a wide range of speakers, only one abstract from the same affiliation can be submitted to each session. However, the presenting author is able to be listed as a co-author in abstracts from the other affiliations.

2. Similar abstracts

Abstracts considered to be the same will be discussed by the reviewers and program committee. Please note that when judged to be identical, both abstracts will be rejected.

3. Withdrawal and Absence without leave

Please be aware that any author that withdraws an abstract after acceptance notification or is absent without notice on the day of presentation may possibly be penalized according to the rules of the concerned society.

4. [For domestic presenters only] Regarding the review by ethics committee.

For submission of abstracts to JDDW, the transitional measures (allowing submission 1. In the case of the review by ethics committee is still under application 2. From facilities without ethics committee, if taking opt-out measures under the approval of the head of the facility) have been abolished.
Aside from presentations that do not require the ethical review, the abstract must receive approval by the ethics committee in affiliated university hospitals, academic societies or medical association before your submission.

A checklist regarding the ethics review is provided on the submission page. The checklist enables applicants to recognize the ethics policies for which compliance is obligatory. In the case that the abstract reviewers object to the declaration, your abstract will be verified by each society’s program committee. Please note that your abstract would be rejected if deemed inappropriate.

Please confirm here to find the category to which your abstract applies.

About the topics and definition of the program

For the JDDW the following call for abstracts aims to make a definite distinction between the events and to increase the value of the program through the symposiums, panel discussion, and workshops.

Symposium, including videos (Duration: 15+ minutes)

Symposiums are events designed to present findings.

Panel Discussion (Duration: 12+ minutes)

Panel discussions are for groups of people to debate upon the topic concepts. Panelists comprehensively discuss the topics on the podium for at least 30 minutes.

Workshop (Duration: 8+ minutes)

Workshops are designed to advance the findings in a specific field.

Regarding the Awards in JDDW

JDDW has established the awards for outstanding abstracts and presentations.
Screening will be conducted by the JDDW steering committee.
The awards will be given for the first author or the presenters only.
When the first author or presenter is changed, the abstract will not be eligible for the awards.
For more details of each award, please refer to the following information.

  • [Travel Award Program]
    JDDW 2019 has established a Travel Award Program with the objectives of fostering young doctors and researchers from overseas, and enhancing international exchange. For details, please go to the URL shown below: https://www.jddw.jp/jddw2019/en/award/index.html
  • [The Best Presenter Award in International Session]
    Regarding International Session (for both the theme and general sessions), JDDW 2019 will award JPY50,000 to the Best Presenters. There are no restrictions of nationality and age.
    Awardees will be decided after presentations are made at the Conference and will be released on the JDDW 2019 website.
  • [Young Investigator Award]
    50,000 JPY will be awarded to outstanding abstracts submitted by young doctors (40 years old or younger on the first day of the conference) with Japanese nationality or residing in Japan (both theme sessions and digital poster sessions will be subject to the award). Awardees will be notified in the notification of the acceptance to be sent in late July through early August. and will be released in the program book.
  • [Outstanding Poster Award]
    A memento will be awarded to outstanding abstracts submitted to general poster session. There are no restrictions of nationality and age. Awardees will be notified in the acceptance notice of the abstract scheduled to be sent in late July through early August and will be released in the program book.
  • [President's Award]New
    One for each Outstanding Poster Awardees of each society will be selected as the President's Award.
    JDDW will grant 70,000 JPY to the winners. They will be covered their registration fee and one-night's accommodation by JDDW. In addition, they will be invited to Presidential Dinner of each society. Please note that the winners will present not only own digital poster session but the other oral session. For more details, please check the notification of the acceptance which will be sent in late July through early August.


Presentation format (lectures, theme sessions, sponsored event)

  • Oral presentations at JDDW 2019 (lectures, theme session presentations, sponsored event) must be computer-based. Please prepare them as follows.

    For computer presentations, you can either bring your own laptop, or you can register the data by bringing it on a USB flash drive or CD-ROM. To avoid problems, please bring backup media with you. Other media, such as MO, floppy disk, ZIP or DVD cannot be accepted.

    The presentation data file name should be in the following order:
    (Presentation No.) (Name) (Venue No.)
    Example: [IS-S3_H Joe Gastro 8]

    At the venue, the presenters will have to manage the equipment and materials on the podium. There will be no PC on the podium but only a monitor and a mouse.

    Please prepare any handouts of presentation data yourself and bring the handouts with you. The event venues (such as the Operations Center) will not be able to handle such matters on the day.

  • The time to end your oral presentation will be signaled by a light. We request that all presenters observe the time limits.

Presenter acceptance

  • All data should be submitted to the Operation Center at the venue. Please inform the Operation Center of the venue name and presentation number no later than one hour before your presentation.
    The Operation Center will receive your data and copy it to the server. The copied data will be sent to the presentation venue and will be ready. Please take your seat and wait for your presentation near the seats reserved for the next presenters (at the front left side of the venue). The organizers assume full responsibility for the deletion of the data after the conference.

    2019 Operations Center

    First to Third presentation venue
    Kobe International Exhibition Hall, No.2 Building 1st floor lobby
    Fourth to Seventh, Eleventh presentation venues
    Kobe Portpia Hotel, South Building 1st floor lobby (in front of Owada banquet Room)
    Eighth to Tenth presentation venues
    Kobe Portpia Hotel, Main Building B1 floor lobby (in front of Kairaku banquet Room)
    Twelfth and Thirteenth presentation venues
    Kobe International Conference Hall, 3rd floor lobby (in front of International Conference Room)
  • Presenters should take seats reserved for the next presenters, immediately after the presenter before you has begun his or her oral presentation.

When bringing your own laptop, please note the following

  • If bringing your own laptop, you can use a laptop running Windows (Windows 7, Windows 8) or Mac OS (Mac OS X 10.5 or later [if not bringing your own, Mac OS X 10.6 or later]) with a USB port. Please use PowerPoint only.
  • If your PowerPoint presentation file contains video (movie), we recommend that you bring your own laptop (there is a possibility that the laptop made available at the venues may not be able to play the videos). Even when bringing your own laptop, please bring backup data on a USB flash drive or CD-ROM, in case your computer malfunctions. Moreover, please be sure to bring your PC AC adapter.
  • If bringing an iPad, Windows 8 touch-panel PC or tablet PC, you will be giving a presentation with it connected via a mini D-sub 15-pin cable (not wirelessly). For an iPad 1, presentation will be displayed only on the external monitor and not on the iPad screen. The PCs made available at the venues do not have touch panels. If you wish to use a touch panel for your presentation, please bring your own computer.
  • When bringing your own laptop, the PC video output cables made available at the venues are of the mini D-sub 15-pin type. Please bring a computer that can connect to such cables. Moreover, if an adapter is required to connect to the cable, please be sure to bring your own with you.
  • The resolution of the projectors at the venues is XGA (1024×768). Please be aware that if your output cannot match this resolution, it may lead to compromised image quality.

When bringing a USB flash drive or CD-ROM (CD-R), please note the following

  • When bringing a USB flash drive or CD-ROM, please save your data in the following format.
    Use PowerPoint only
    Please prepare your data using Windows: MS PowerPoint 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019 or Mac: MS PowerPoint 2008, 2011.
    To avoid garbage characters, use only the following fonts
    English: Century, Century Gothic
    For video, use only video which can be played by the following software
    Windows: Windows Media Player 11
    Mac: Quick Time Player 10
    Caution regarding video files
    If the size of the video exceeds 500 MB, please bring your own computer for the presentation.
    Please make sure that your video files are playable with the codecs included in a standard installation of Windows Media Player 11. (WMV format is recommended.)
    Please make sure that your video files are playable with the codecs included in the standard installation of QuickTime Player 10. (MOV format is recommended.)
  • If your presentation file contains links to other data (still images, video, graphs, etc.), please be sure to have the source data saved, and check beforehand that they work correctly.
    Note: Please make sure your data work correctly beforehand on a computer other than the one on which the files were created.
  • The computers made available for use at the venues will be as follows.
    Windows 10
    Application software: Windows MS PowerPoint 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019
    Mac OS X 10.6 or later
    Application software: Mac MS PowerPoint 2008, 2011
  • The venue Operation Centers will have the latest security software installed on all computers, taking all possible anti-virus measures. However, please bring your own storage media after scanning it with security software with the most recent virus definitions, and confirming that is virus-free.


Presentation format (digital poster sessions)

At JDDW 2019, there will be no poster presentations in paper form. They will be conducted using plasma displays.


  • You can make presentations with video.
  • The presentation data will be registered in advance, via a dedicated screen on the Internet.
  • As full high-definition monitors will be used for the presentations, they will have the same reproducibility as paper. You can browse through the presentation topics at any time during the event using PCs at the conference venue.

Presentation display modes

There are two display modes: [Poster Mode] and [Slide Mode]. You can use Poster Mode mainly and Slide Mode partially to zoom in on slides, or use just one of the two modes.

[Poster Mode]  Not including the title slide, 15 slides can be displayed
(3-row, 5-column format).
[Slide Mode] You can make a presentation displaying one slide at a time.

Creating presentation data

  • Please create your presentation data using PowerPoint. Compatible versions are 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019. (PowerPoint 2016 for Windows is recommended)
  • Do not create large-sized poster data (as in the past); please create each slide individually.
  • Please set the slides to fit a 4:3 aspect ratio.
  • Use the following fonts:
    English: Century, Century Gothic
  • PowerPoint files will be converted to images to keep the original layout. Because of this, slide transition animation effects and animations cannot be used.
  • You can use video within PowerPoint. You can register up to a total of 200MB of data (PowerPoint file and video). Video is played automatically when the page that contains video is displayed. Please confirm this operation in advance.
  • The number of slides you can register is 15 (please state the “conflict of interest” information on the 15th slide). The title slide (presentation title and presenters' names) will be displayed separately. Please do not include the title slide in the presentation itself.

How to register presentation data

  • Please register your presentation data in advance. The link button for the registration screen will be placed on the JDDW 2019 website from Noon, September 25 (Wednesday) to Noon, October 10 (Thursday), 2019 (Japan time).
  • We ask that you register during this period. It is possible to register modifications as many times as you wish during this period. On October 11 (Friday) (Japan time), the registration screen will be closed and the data cannot be replaced or modified. If you cannot register during this period, we will cancel your presentation. Please note that penalties might be imposed.
  • Please note that even if you bring the data to the Operation Center on the day of the conference, you will not be able to exchange it for the data already registered.
  • On the day of the presentation, please come to the Poster Reception Table at the entrance to the poster venue, no later than 30 minutes before your presentation.

For digital poster inquiries, please contact:
JDDW digital poster support desk (to be set up in September, 2019)

For more details, please visit the JDDW 2019 website, which will be frequently updated.


Disclosure of “Conflict of Interest” at the presentation

  • When making oral presentations, presenters are required to disclose the state of conflicts of interest in relation to their presentations. Please display such disclosure information on the screen, in accordance with the disclosure standards and bylaws of the society for which you are making a presentation.
  • Please check the disclosure standards and prescribed formats for each society at the following website: https://www.jddw.jp/english/coi.html#coi_form.


Notification of abstract acceptance/rejection, and up-coming information

Email notification of acceptance/rejection

  • Notification of acceptance or rejection will be announced by email at the end of July, 2019 to the email address you registered when submitting your abstract.
  • The detailed information about presentation schedule, such as date and place, is going to be mentioned in the notification of acceptance.
  • In case of withdrawing your abstract and changing authors’ names or affiliations, please inform JDDW secretariat (kobe2019en@jddw.jp) with the notification of acceptance attached by August 10, 2019. Please note that any changes to your abstract text, figures (tables, graphs) and title are NOT accepted.

No changes whatsoever will be accepted after August 10 (Japan Time).
Your understanding would be highly appreciated.

Please be aware that any author that withdraws an abstract after acceptance notification or is absent without notice on the day of presentation could possibly be penalized according to the concerned society’s rule.


For inquiries about abstract submission

JDDW 2019 Program Management Office
c/o Japan Convention Services, Inc.
TEL: +81-3-3519-5580 (Weekdays 9:30 AM - 5:30 PM) (Japan time)
E-mail: endai-jddw2019@convention.co.jp

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