Japan Digestive Disease Week 2020 [JDDW 2020 KOBE]

Date: 2020.11.5[THU.] - 8[SUN.] / Place: Kobe Convention Center



Participant registration

I. Regarding holding

[Important] Information Regarding JDDW 2020

JDDW has decided to hold the congress in a hybrid congress (both on-site and virtual) after careful deliberation on the recent issue of the COVID-19 based on the infection status as of September 30.

As a part of infection control, we will abolish the on-site registration. Please note that if you have not registered in advance, you will not be able to enter even if you come to the venue. Please refer to this website for more information, as we will update the information on this website.

Oct 1, 2020

[Important] General presentation (digital poster)

Regarding general abstracts (digital posters), we have decided to publish them in various media (published in abstracts) for the purpose of avoiding congestion, and we will not make oral presentations at the venue or on the website.
Only poster excellent presentation will be announced at the venue.
Humbly thank you for your understanding.

Aug 12, 2020

About pre-registration

Applicants residing overseas (excludes Japanese researchers residing overseas) must complete their pre-registration for the meeting before submitting abstracts.
Also note that the pre-registration is only for those who submit abstracts. If you do not wish to submit an abstract, please register onsite at the registration desk.
For details, refer to the Abstract submission page.
Any inquiries concerning pre-registration may be sent to jddw2020-reg@congre.co.jp.

Special break for foreign exchange students in Japan

For 2020, only online will be available.

The full admission price has been waived for foreign exchange students from abroad in Japan.

Anyone interested in attending the congress should download the application form from this website, fill it out and mail it to the secretariat no later than October 6th. (You will be sent a voucher for your name card prior to the congress.)

  • Application Form of foreign student (Word)

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