Japan Digestive Disease Week 2020 [JDDW 2020 KOBE]

Date: 2020.11.5[THU.] - 8[SUN.] / Place: Kobe Convention Center


Presentation format (For Theme Sessions)

For speakers at theme sessions

Please submit your video lecture in advance to prevent any communication problems on the congress date. The secretariat will confirm your ability to join the conference live via the web for general discussion and Q&A.

Presentation slides for theme sessions (Symposia, Panel Discussions, and Workshops), and Sponsored Event, including non-international sessions, are required to be created in English language (language for oral presentation at non-international sessions is Japanese).

The details of data preparation will be notified in early September by the congress secretariat.
Please refer to the information below for data preparation.

  • 1)The deadline for submission of your lecture video will be around October. The specific date will be announced later.
  • 2)Please submit your data before the due date.
  • 3)Please be informed that, in case your data submission is not completed by the deadline, your abstract will be cancelled automatically and penalties may be imposed.
  • 4)Your presentation data must be submitted as a video file (mp4). Please be informed that presentation slides without voice recording will not be accepted.


Disclosure of conflicts of interests during presentations

Potential conflicts of interest must be disclosed when making oral presentations. This information must be shown using the disclosure statement of your society on the screen for theme sessions, the digital poster for International Poster Session.

The conflicts of interest subjected for disclosure are the ones related to a presenting abstract not personalized(private).

* Please disclose actual statement about presenting abstract, for COI slide may be captured in a picture

Disclosure standard and statements of the various societies can be found at the URL below. Prepare your statement accordingly.

Conflict of interest disclosure statements for presentation


Cancellation of abstract after the notification of acceptance was issued Absence without notice on the day of the event

Please note that you may be subject to be penalized by your academic society when cancellation of abstract after the notification of acceptance was issued or your absence without notice on the day of the event was confirmed.

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