Presentation format (For Theme Sessions)

I. For speakers at theme sessions

From 2014, presentation slides for all plenary sessions (Symposia, Panel Discussions, and Workshops), including non-international sessions, are required to be created in English language (language for oral presentation at non-international sessions is Japanese).

1. Instructions

Oral presentations for JDDW 2014 (Lectures and theme session abstracts) must be computer-based. Please follow the instructions shown below in making preparations for your presentation.
*You may use a laptop PC, USB flash memory drive or CD-ROM (CD-R or CD-RW) for your presentation, but not MO, FD, ZIP, or DVD. Please be sure to bring a backup USB flash memory drive or CD-ROM in just case of any trouble.
The name of your presentation file should be a combination of 1) your presentation number, 2) your name, and 3) the number of the presentation venue in this order.

Example: IS-S1-1_Hanako Shokaki 8

In the presentation venue, you will operate equipment from the podium. There will not be a PC on podium. You will have only a monitor and a mouse.

Also, print out your presentation yourself and bring a copy with you. Please note that the Operation Center is not able to print out your data on the day of the conference.
The end of your presentation time will be indicated by a light. Please strictly observe your presentation time.

2. Presenter data submissions

Please submit all of your presentation data of the respective Operation Center in your presentation venue by at least one hour prior to your scheduled presentation. Report your Hall No. and Presentation No. at that time.
The Operation Centers are located at:
First to Third presentation venues Kobe International Exhibition Hall No.2 Building 1st floor lobby
Fourth to Seventh and Eleventh
presentation venues
Portopia Hotel South Wing 1st floor lobby (in front of Ohwada banquet room)
Eighth to Tenth presentation venues Portopia Hotel Main Building B1 floor lobby (in front of Kairaku banquet room)
Twelfth and Thirteenth presentation
Kobe International Conference Center 3rd floor lobby (in front of the International Conference Room)
Operators receive your data and upload it onto the server. At the operation desk in the presentation room, please confirm that your data has been uploaded to the PC at the presentation room and whether it is ready or not. The host of this meeting is responsible for deleting your uploaded data after the completion of this meeting.
Immediately after the speaker ahead of you starts his/her presentation, please take the seat prepared for the next speaker.

3. Note for bringing your notebook PC

Either Windows (Windows 7 or later versions) or Macintosh (Mac OS X 10.5 or later versions) with USB Port can be used. Your presentation should be in PowerPoint only.
If your PowerPoint file includes a movie file, the organizer recommends that you bring your own laptop PC for your presentation. The organizer’s PC may not be able to display the movie properly. Please be sure to bring USB flash memory drive or CD-ROM or CD-RW for backup purposes and also an AC adapter.
If bringing an iPad, Windows 8 touch-panel PC or tablet PC, you will be giving a presentation with it connected via a Mini D-sub 15 pin cable (not wirelessly). For an iPad 1, presentation will be displayed only on the external monitor and not on the iPad screen. The PCs made available at the venues do not have touch panel function. If you wish to use a touch panel for your presentation, please bring your own computer.
The organizer will provide mini D-sub 15 pin cables only. If you need another type of connector for your PC, please bring it yourself.
The resolution of the projector provided at the venue is XGA (1024 × 768). Please be ware that if your presentation slides are a different size, the projected image may be degraded.

4. Note for bringing in USB flash memory drive and CD-ROM(CD-R)

Data in USB flash memory drive or CD-ROM should be saved using the following procedures in advance.
*Your presentation should be in PowerPoint only.
Your presentation file should be created with MS PowerPoint 2007 or later versions for Windows, or MS PowerPoint 2008 or later versions for Macintosh.
If the file was created with VISTA, please inform the operators.
*In order to avoid character corruption, you can use only the following fonts.
English fonts: Century, Century Gothic
*Regarding the use of movie data, make sure that data is capable of running on either of the following software.
Windows: Windows Media Player 11
Macintosh: Quick Time Player 10
*Cautions regarding video files:
If the size of video files exceeds 500 MB, please bring your own computer for the presentation.
Windows:Please make sure that your video files can be played with a codec included in a standard installation of Windows Media Player 11. (WMV format is recommended.)
Mac:Please make sure that your video files can be played with a codec included in the standard installation of QuickTime Player 10. (MOV format is recommended.)
If your presentation file has links to still images, video, graphics or other data files, please store all such files and make sure in advance that these files can be opened.
*Also prior to your presentation, you should make sure that you can open all these files on a PC other than the PC on which such files are created.
The following PCs are available for use in each presentation venue.
*OS: Windows 7 or later
Application software: Windows MS PowerPoint 2007 or later.
*OS: Macintosh OS X 10.6 or later versions
Application software: Macintosh MS PowerPoint 2008 or later.
Please make sure that the media is clear from any viruses and the latest security software is installed.

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II. Disclosure of conflicts of interests during presentations

Potential conflicts of interest must be disclosed when making oral presentations. This information must be shown using the disclosure statement of your society on the screen for lectures and on digital poster presentation slides for general presentations.
Disclosure standard and statements of the various societies can be found at the below URLs. Prepare your statement accordingly.

Conflict of interest disclosure statements for presentation

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