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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

May, 2017 JDDW

JDDW will comply with all laws and ordinances related to handling of personal information, manage such information appropriately, and keep such information secure.

  1. The personal information you provide will be used solely for businesses related to JDDW, and you will only be asked to provide such information within the extent necessary for JDDW.
  2. We may entrust personal information provided during presentation registration to a professional service provider assisting us in carrying out our annual conference operations, provided that the provider is recognized as meeting a required standard for a personal information protection system. In no other circumstances will we disclose or provide your personal information to any third party without your prior approval.
  3. To ensure protection of your personal information, we take appropriate security measures against unauthorized access, alternation and leakage of data, etc., and make continued efforts in protecting personal information.
  4. Please contact the JDDW secretariat in case there is any change to the personal information you registered or if you have any inquiries regarding handling of personal information.