Invited Lecture(JGES)
Fri. November 3rd   14:00 - 14:30   Room 13: Kobe International Conference Center International Conference Room
Invited Lecture8
International perspective from the Asia Pacific region on women in GI
Sharmila Sachithanandan
Sime Darby Medical Centre
Women are making great strides and changing the landscape of gastroenterology and endoscopy. In most parts of the world, there are more women than men in medical school, but the number of practising female gastroenterologists remains low. Women are very much needed in academia and leadership. Female gastroenterologists are also in high demand especially by female patients.

At a time when female undergraduates outnumber males in many if not most countries, WHY are women grossly under represented amongst gastroenterologists world over?

Is it because women are denied the opportunity due to an inbuilt bias / discrimination against the advancement in the field or Is it sociocultural realities that discourage women from making the decision to enter Gastroenterology?

There are many any factors responsible for this attrition. Apart from a lack of mentorship and role models, long hours, procedural demands (ergonomics/ radiation), lack of academic and leadership advances, pay gap, poor funding for research and sponsorship, sexual harassment are just to name a few. Women are also less likely to get married or remain childless.

I have had the unique opportunity of reaching out to some amazing trailblazers in Gastroenterology around the world and I would like to share with you their perspectives.
Ultimately, the challenges we face are similar but we can certainly learn from each other and as a fraternity help create a viable path for both men and women.
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