Invited Lecture(JGES)
Fri. November 3rd   16:20 - 16:50   Room 1: Kobe International Exhibition Hall No.2 Building Hall (North)
Invited Lecture7
Artificial intelligence in endoscopy
Helmut Messmann
University Hospital Augsburg
Artificial intelligence is rapidly developing and will revolutionize medicine. It has become a promising tool in medical image analysis especially for endoscopy, radiology, and pathology.
At the moment first commercially available systems in colonoscopy, but also upper GI-endoscopy are on the market. The main goal of this devices is focused on detection, differentiation and definition of early GI-neoplasia. Besides these indications AI may also play a role for benign diseases (eosinophilic esophagitis, coeliac disease, GI-bleeding, IBD,...). AI has the potential to make a non-expert to an expert.
Besides improvement in quality, we can expect improvement in training. Additionally, there is an impact on cost savings to be expected and furthermore, AI can make endoscopy "greener".
On the other side we have to clarify ethical issues and threats such as deskilling, but also to understand human-machine interactions to optimize AI and use the opportunities of AI.
Before integrating AI in gastrointestinal practice and approval of devices we need randomized trials showing the pros of AI and thus evidence to recommend AI in guidelines. Legal and ethical aspects are key factors before the approval of AI devices. Moreover cost effectiveness and quality issues will influence the future integration of AI.
The interest in artificial intelligence (AI) and its applications in gastrointestinal endoscopy remains undiminished. The huge mass of studies being published on the topic shows that researchers and practitioners are keen to produce innovations, publish new insights, and, at the same time, keep abreast of current trends and developments. The AI wave does not seem to have broken yet, but as we ride the wave, critical thinking and, most importantly, reappraisal of current data and approved products is paramount.
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