International Session(Symposium)1(JSH・JSGE・JSGCS)
Fri. November 3rd   14:30 - 17:00   Room 9: Portopia Hotel Main Building Kairaku 3
Liver transplantation for HCC: a single center experience
Shinya Okumura1, Takashi Ito1, Etsuro Hatano1
1Division of HBP Surgery and Transplantation, Department of Surgery, Kyoto University
Japan criteria (Milan and 5-5-500 criteria) was introduced for liver transplantation for hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC).
250 liver transplantations for HCC between 1999 and 2121 were retrospectively reviewed. The indication of liver transplantation for HCC in our institution before 2006 included no limitation regarding tumor number and size, and after 2007 we introduced Kyoto criteria. Post operative survival rates and recurrence-free survival rates classified by Milan criteria, Japan criteria and Kyoto criteria were analyzed. HCC recurrence patterns and treatments for HCC recurrence were reviewed.
Postoperative survival outcomes within each criterion were good, while postoperative recurrence-free survival rates of the patients without all criteria was significantly low. Patients downstaged with pre-transplant treatment had feasible outcomes. The risk factors for HCC recurrence after transplantation were Kyoto criteria and poorly differentiated HCC. Several patients with HCC recurrence had long-term survival with repeat resections and other treatments.
Japan criteria and Kyoto criteria were feasible with relevant patient outcomes and increased patient numbers. Treatment for HCC recurrence after liver transplantation is the key for long-term survival.
Index Term 1: Hepatocellular carcinoma
Index Term 2: Liver transplantation
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