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Integrated Program 6-5_G
Development and Validation of a Blood Routine-Based Extent and Severity Clinical Decision Support Tool for Ulcerative Colitis
Hongliang Chen1, Shizhu Jin1
1Second Affiliated Hospital of Harbin Medical University
The study aimed to develop a routine blood-based clinical decision support tool to investigate the extent and severity of ulcerative colitis (UC) follow-up.
The multicentre retrospective cohort study recruited 975 adult UC inpatients (307 in the training set, 244 in the internal validation set, and 424 in the external validation set). Jin's model, based on logistic regression, was developed for the assessment of extent by Montreal classification, and severity by Mayo score, Truelove & Witts score, Mayo endoscopic score, and Degree of Ulcerative colitis Burden of Luminal Inflammation score.
Jin's model was verified with satisfied discrimination, calibration, and clinical unity in internal and external validation. Jin's model was built as a free web calculator with open access (
Jin's model provides UC with a noninvasive, convenient, and efficient approach to assessing the extent and severity.
Index Term 1: ulcerative colitis
Index Term 2: clinical decision support tool
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