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International Session (Symposium)6 (JSGS・JSGE)
Fri. October 13th   14:00 - 17:00   Room 11: Fukuoka International Congress Center 502+503
Robotic versus laparoscopic surgery for upper GI cancer in future
H. Noshiro1, Y. Yoda1, H. Iwasaki1
1Department of Surgery, Saga University
Background: Upper GI cancer patients with surgery have been treated by laparoscopic surgery more often. However, laparoscopic surgery requires another skill to overcome several limitations of the instrument movement. Recently robotic surgery provides the meticulous and precise movement of robotic instruments. In this session, we will show our procedures and surgical results of our robotic surgery for upper GI cancer. Patients and Methods: There were 18 patients with robotic esophagectomy and 73 patients with robotic gastrectomy in our department between April 2010 and January 2017. Results: There was not any type of conversion in robotic gastric or esophageal surgery. In three cases with esophagogastric cancer, the intrathoracic anastomosis was successfully performed by robot. We consider improved visualization and surgeon's ergonomics in robotic surgery. Conclusions: Robotic surgery for upper GI cancer seems to be feasible and safe. Now, case collection of a clinical trial for the purpose of a governmental insurance for robotic gastric cancer surgery is finished in Japan.
Index Term 1: gastric cancer
Index Term 2: esophageal cancer
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