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International Session (Symposium)5 (JSGE・JGES・JSH・JSGS)
Fri. October 13th   9:00 - 12:00   Room 11: Fukuoka International Congress Center 502+503
Immunological analysis of the tumor infiltrating lymphocytes of the advanced gastric cancer
I. Wada1, K. Oohira2, K. Kakimi2
1Department of Surgery, Tokyo Metropolitan Bokutoh Hospital, 2Department of Immunotherapeutics, The University of Tokyo Hospital
[Introduction] It is well known that T cells are suppressed in the tumor microenvironment and the cancer cells evade the cytotoxic immune system. One of the immunological escape mechanisms is caused by the expression of immune-checkpoint molecules. It was reported that the inhibitors for checkpoint molecules exert remarkable effect on various cancers. In this study, we interrogate the tumor microenvironment to clarify the immunological conditions of the gastric cancer. [Material and methods] Tumor and non-tumorous tissues were obtained from the resected specimen of the advanced gastric cancer. Total RNA was extracted and RNA sequencing was performed. CIBERSORT was used to characterize cell composition and Microenvironment Cell Populations-counter (MCP-counter) method was applied to quantify the absolute abundance of immune cell populations. [Results] 17 advanced gastric cancer patients were enrolled, including eight intestinal type cases. CIBERSORT and MCP Counter analyses showed that the both population and actual number of immune cells in the tumor microenvironment varied considerably between individuals. The cases with low T cell number correlated with intestinal histological type, more capillary invasion and more lymph node metastasis. [Discussion and Conclusion] The tumor histological type, capillary invasion and lymph node metastasis are associated with the prognosis. Our study indicated that the tumor infiltrating lymphocytes regulating the microenvironment may affect the nature of the cancer cells.
Index Term 1: gastric cancer
Index Term 2: tumor infiltrating lymphocyte
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