International Session (Workshop 1)

3日 14:00-17:00 第8会場


Recent progress in chronic pancreatitis
Chairperson A. K. Saluja Department of Surgery, Sylvester Pancreatic Cancer Research Institute, University of Miami Miller School of Medicine
  A. Masamune
(正宗 淳)
Division of Gastroenterology, Tohoku University Graduate School of Medicine
Chronic pancreatitis is a progressive inflammatory disease of the pancreas that eventually leads to exocrine and/or endocrine dysfunction. In recent years, great advances have been made in the research field of chronic pancreatitis, including the pathogenesis, early diagnosis, and diagnostic modalities. For example, several pancreatitis susceptibility genes have been identified. Experimental and genetic models revealed that a dysfunction of autophagy and consequent endoplasmic reticulum play pivotal roles in pancreatitis. However, many issues remain to be clarified including the whole picture of the genetics of pancreatitis, early diagnosis, and the development of novel therapeutic interventions. This international workshop's aim is to summarize the recent advances in this field, and discuss the issues to be clarified and solutions with leading researchers. It mainly focuses on basic science-related issues, but abstracts related to clinical issues are also welcome. We look forward to your participation in what promises to be a very exciting meeting!

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