International Session (Symposium 3)

4th  14:00-17:00  Room 8

Call for Papers

Benefit and pitfall in laparoscopic surgery
Chairperson H.-S. Han Department of Surgery, Seoul National University Bundang Hospital
  H. Kaneko Department of Surgery, Toho University Faculty of Medicine
Laparoscopic surgery rapidly becomes popular because of social patient's needs and surgeon's mission for providing high quality operation. Recently, magnifying effects of the deep surgical fields which are difficult to be observed by open surgery can be obtained with laparoscopic surgery. Laparoscopic surgery also provides educational effect by sharing the same operating field among surgeons. On the contrary, it is the fact that well and poorly established evidences for laparoscopic surgery are contaminated. Especially, security of the safety is essential for especially highly difficult operation. Therefore, firm trainings and learning curves including open laparotomy considered to be important. Standardization of the laparoscopic surgery may lead to popularization. In this international symposium, knack and pitfalls for successful laparoscopic surgery will be presented. We also want to have an opportunity to find current status and difference between foreign countries and Japan according to laparoscopic surgery.

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