25th 14:00-17:00  Room 7

International Session (Workshop) 3

International ESD hands-on seminar
Chairperson T. Gotoda Department of Gastroenterology & Hepatology, Tokyo Medical University
  M. Fujishiro Department of Endoscopy and Endoscopic Surgery, The University of Tokyo Hospital
We will widely invite young participants from overseas and Japan who are enthusiastic for ESD in this session. During three hours of our session, the first half will be used for interactive discussion regarding current status of ESD in different countries through presentations from around 10 representative doctors. Each presentation must be followed by hot discussion with Japanese young panels about what the standpoint of ESD is, and what the desirable way to spread ESD is in individual countries. Questions and comments are welcome throughout the discussion from the floor audience. ESD hands-on training by Japanese experts by using isolated pig models will be carried out in the second half. Overseas doctors who have accepted oral or poster abstracts in this JDDW, including the speakers in this session, can join the ESD hands on training. Ten towers will be prepared in the session floor. The major goal in this session is to grow international friendship and mutual understanding while sharing this session. We are looking forward to having a lot of participants in this first trial of international ESD hands-on training by JGES.