23rd 9:45-12:00  Room 5

Call for Papers

International Session (Symposium) 1

Stem cells in liver regeneration and therapy: Present and future scope
Chairperson G. Shiota Department of Genetic Medicine and Regenerative Therapeutics, Tottori University
  I. Sakaida Department of Gastroenterology & Hepatology, Yamaguchi University Graduate School of Medicine
Regenerative medicine using stem cells has attracted attention since recent progress in stem cell research is remarkable. The pluripotent stem cells including iPS cells, ES cells and mesenchymal stem cells have been expected as cell sources of regenerative medicine for liver diseases. On the other hand, while uncertainty still remains, molecular mechanisms regulating the fate of hepatic stem cells/progenitor cells are becoming discernible. The strategies toward achieving regenerative medicine include two possible approaches. One is ex vivo expansion and manipulation of stem cells and transplantation into the patients. The other is activation and/or transdifferentiation of intrinsic somatic stem cells. In this symposium, we would like to present and discuss important issues and challenges that need to be addressed for development of regenerative medicine for liver diseases. We hope that many young investigators will apply to this symposium and join in the discussion.